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Knife+clod=(almost) disaster

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is the story of a clumsy knife-wielder whose guardian angel must have been working overtime to prevent her toe(s) from being sliced off.

My latest acquisition for the kitchen was a 15cm (6-inch) Tescoma AZZA chef's knife made from Japanese stainless steel.You can see it at the top of the picture. It has a good weight and fits well in my hand.

Since its steel, I assumed only the mightiest sledgehammer could do it damage. But all it took was a fall from the kitchen counter to turn the tip of the knife at a 90-degree angle. I do not lie -- the last 1cm was bent at a right angle, which was terribly upsetting, as you can imagine. A wonky knife can't be much good in the kitchen, plus it could even be dangerous.

So I got my hammer out and tried to knock out the crook, but as you can see in the other pictures, the tip is not perfectly straight, boo-hoo.

But that's not the whole story.When the knife was falling, I reacted by putting my foot out to stop it from hitting the ground -- a reflex action that works for falling cushions; for sharp objects... er, not so much. Fortunately, I wasn't quick enough.

When I told this story to Veggie Chick, colleague and co-producer of the Don't Call Me Chef cookery column (see link above), and that I was happy I managed to somewhat repair my new knife and avert disaster, she gave me a horrified look, and asked, "That's what you're happy about?" Well, when your face has been splashed with boiling oil, your finger cut almost to the bone, and burning yourself is a regular occurence in the kitchen, NOT slicing off a toe isn't a catastrophe.

I hope my mother isn't reading this...
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  1. HI there! :)

    Just the other day I saw Azza knifes for the first time, and I fell in love... Currently I am using some lousy Dommy knives set (a gift), as far as I heard from costumers, they'll go dull in a month or two...

    How satisfied are you with Azza so far? I bought one utility knife 9 cm, and really like the weight and sharpness, overall look is just priceless, and the grip is niiice. Planning to get at least one cook's knife 16 cm and possibly fillet knife, so I'd like to hear some feedback :)

    I guess, it bent because of it's weight, don't know what else could it be :/


    1. Hi there!

      I DO like my Azza knife. It's very comfortable, has a good grip and sharpens well with just a basic sharpening tool. And the price is reasonable too. The crooked part at the tip makes it slightly imperfect so it's a little frustrating when I have to run the knife through something and don't get a completely straight cut. But I have kept it, so that speaks well for the knife.

  2. Great news! Why havven't you took it to someone who knows the ways with metals, I'm quite sure he could make it straight as an arrow in minute or two? :) Just a good old sludgehammer and heated metal ^^

    Cheers from Banjaluka, Bosnia


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