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Kneading Mr Hook

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The arched brow, the smirky grin, the competitive glint in the eye... Game on, Mr Hook!
While I am normally so involved in the home breadmaking process and love the result of it, I felt a disconnection with my recent buns. I got my first stand mixer ­­– no wait, a Kenwood Prospero Mixer ­­– a few days ago after years of coveting that shiny red one from another brand that was way beyond my budget. Since I was going to make bread, I thought I would try the dough hook attachment first.

Well, it performed well, making quick work of getting the dry and wet ingredients to come together. But as I watched the hook turn, I started to feel restless. Without the mixer, this would be the time that I put the mixture on my marble block (the top of an old side table that once belonged to an aunt) ­­– great for doughs and pastries because they don't stick to the cool, smooth surface ­­– and kne-e-e-e-ead away, firmly but lovingly, till it turned into a smooth, soft and elastic dough. Instead, I stood by and just watched the dough being mechanically twisted into submission.

Well, the buns came out nice and fluffy. But for six pieces, made from 375g (about 2½ cups) of flour, getting the heavy machinery out may be unnecessary. However, for those who are intimidated by kneading or don't like the process, the mixer is really a good gadget to have. And not just for kneading, of course. There are other tools as well and I see myself getting well acquainted with mine.

NEXT UP: Using the whisk attachment for homemade marshmallows.


  1. Hi! I had just tried baking the Paste Crepe and it turned out very flaky and delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe in the Star:D

  2. Thanks Jeannie. Saw the picture of your red bean crepe at your blog. It looks great!


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