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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clockwise from top left: The whole can; the open can - looks like leather;
Can we eat this?
Fried dace in a can is one of those things, like raw streaky bacon, that may not look very appetising but is a good example of not judging a book by its cover.

Yaki onigiri with fried dace
I made yaki onigiri (grilled crusty sushi patties) with fried dace for the August Don't Call Me Chef (unfortunately, something's wrong with the pdf file, so here's the link to a temporary docx file) challenge using canned food. I had earlier made some fried rice with French beans with half of the dace and ate it all in one meal!
Fried rice with tinned dace and French beans
This month, my co-producers Veggie Chick, Hungry Caterpillar and I decided to ask some bloggers about their favourite canned food. I invited my sister The Kitchen Boss who likes to use canned tuna and has a delicious looking recipe for Simple Skinny Tuna Salad, and Jeannie, whom I have only communicated with through our respective blogs before – she did a fantastic job with her Sardine Calzone.

Me, I have had quite a bit of writing to do that I wasn't up to trying other dishes containing canned food. Sorry...

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