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Never too many biccies

Monday, July 25, 2011

This article on The Guardian's Money Blog on the sort of biscuits (cookies) readers of various British newspapers like made me think about my own preference.

The post states:
"Britons munched, dunked and dipped their way through 141 million packets of biscuits in the past year, equivalent to 2.7 million packs a week or 22,596 every hour... The figures, crunched by Sainbury's using Nectar data from 12 million shoppers, show that UK consumers spent £123m on biscuits since July 2010 with cookies, jam rings, chocolate fingers and Rich Teas following digestives in the biscuit popularity contest."
One hundred and forty-one million packets! One hundred and twenty-three million pounds! Britons like their biscuits, eh? You don't say.

Many things are better homemade, but for me, biscuits are not one of them. I like commercially made ones so much I can sit down and eat a whole packet of Ginger Nuts or Mint Slices or Milanos or Hobnobs or Fig Newtons and not even realise it until I'm picking at the last crumb. No matter how good homemade biscuits are, and how much healthier they can be, I am never tempted to have more than two.

But reading about biscuits has made me want to bake some. I like so many mentioned in the article and here are some I am planning to make:
  • Garibaldis
  • Ginger crunch
  • Fig rolls
  • Coconut creams
  • Oat
Actually, as I write this, I have already made two types. One is a sandwich cookie with all the main components in it ­­– by sheer coincidence (and I have just realised this!) ­­– starting with the letter "C". More on them in upcoming posts.

There aren't any real Malaysian equivalents of British newspapers so I can't tell whether my taste in biscuits reflects the kind of newspaper I prefer. I do know, however, that I can eat practically any biscuit and keep it down, but the way the government-controlled media over here covers the news makes me sick.

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