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Eating in blocks

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Zits comic strip always makes me laugh and after reading this one from March 5, 2012, I thought about what it would be like if we actually followed such a diet: vegan one week, carnivore the next and ... well, not candy but perhaps, a juice diet for the week after.
Eating only vegetables wouldn't be a problem, I think, but being a carnivore might be. Unlike Pierce's colon, I don't think mine would be very strong if only meat went through it for a week. I'd probably be lying down all day like a python after swallowing its prey.
I'm not eating in blocks, but starting tomorrow for four days, I will taking homemade lunches from around the world to work. They'll all be vegetarian since I'm abstaining from meat during Lent, and there won't be a dish on Friday because I fast on that day until Easter Sunday on April 8.
As I write this, on the stove is a big pot of simmering vegetable stock which I shall be using for various dishes. I'm already planning some wantan soup (Hong Kong), and rice and beans (Mexico), and who knows what else I'll take a fancy to.
Vegetable pasta squares and shiitake mushroom soup
For today, though, a handful of dried vegetable pasta squares cooked in a ladle or two of the stock along with the mirepoix of leek, carrot and celery used to flavour the stock.

More filling bowls:
Pasta with Mushroom and Beans
Beef with Stout and Juniper Berries
Pea Soup (Green)

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  1. Well, I'm not sure I could (at least on my own free will...) eat the same kind of food for many days in a row. One of the things I enjoy most about food is variety, but I certainly wouldn't mind having a bowl of this awesome soup :o)


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