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Hunger Games fish bread

Monday, March 26, 2012

In my job on the newspaper I work for, I sometimes source for stories on our newswire services. Today, we ran a story from San Jose Mercury News which featured recipes from readers who were asked to deconstruct signature dishes from the movie Hunger Games (based on Suzanne Collins' novel), which was released a few days ago. (Get the story and recipes for all the winning dishes at
I haven't read the book or watched the film, but I thought the recipes were quite interesting, especially since they featured several for breads.
I made the District 4's Salty Seaweed Panem. What's unusual about this bread, besides the fish shape, is that it is green from food dye and there's the inclusion of nori (dried seaweed). I only made one piece of dough green just to see what it would look like. Other than fruit and vegetables, I don't think I want any of my other food to be that colour. But it actually turned out okay since I didn't knead in the colouring completely, and the mottled look was quite appealing. Matcha (green tea) powder would be a good alternative to the artificial stuff. I was apprehensive about how the nori would taste, but I could hardly taste it in the baked loaf. The green specks are pretty though.
Fishy tails
I shaped the bread based on the instructions provided in that recipe, but also made fish shapes from the other District 4 bread recipe that's featured. I think I'll do this again for the little nephews and nieces when we have our Easter Sunday lunch. They are going to find the bread quite amusing.

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  1. This is very clever and I love your photo.

    1. Thanks bookcasefoodie! I know I shouldn't be playing with my food, but it's fun ;-)

  2. Awesome job!!! I saw that article, too, and have been wanting to make some bread from the Hunger Games! Yours looks awesome!!!!!!


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