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Scrambled tofu looks like eggs

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have been known to make a face when I see tofu. And I have rolled my eyes when people say tofu can absorb flavours well. I've even sniggered at vegetarians who spout off about how wonderfully versatile tofu is. (Oh-oh, I've gone and done it now. Will I find a cauliflower head in my bed?)
But honestly, I don't dislike tofu. There are some cooks who know the most amazing ways to make it delicious. Fried, steamed, stuffed, they're all good. In the wrong hands, however, tofu can remain horribly bland. And I admit, sometimes those hands belong to me. So obviously, tofu isn't completely to blame.
Well, here's something that I made myself and really like: scrambled tofu. I made it for breakfast one morning and cooked it again the next two mornings. Maybe it was just fooling my eyes because it really does look like scrambled eggs, but with the robust spices I included, the taste was also appealing.
No need to list exact amounts here. First, roast some cumin seeds in a dry pan over medium heat. Then add a little oil and stir-fry the chopped white part of a stalk of spring onion and a little crushed garlic. Then add a load of different vegetables – as many colours as possible. I used: green capsicum (bell pepper), cherry tomatoes, a fresh chilli and grated carrot. Cook until tender.
Crumble in firm tofu. Don't mash it up too much – you want some small crumbs and some clumps as well. After all, that's how scrambled eggs look.
To make it look like real eggs, add turmeric powder for that egg-yellow colour. And for a kick, add chilli powder. Stir around a bit more, season with salt and pepper, and the "eggs" are done. Sprinkle with the chopped green part of the spring onion and breakfast is ready. Serve with buttered toast.

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