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I would date this cookie

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I may never bake another cookie again after today. There just doesn't seem a need to do it any more.
These unbaked date-almond-coconut nuggets are superb. I love the chewiness. There are few ingredients, all the mixing is done in a food processor and then some fridge time is involved.
I wanted a coconut theme running through the cookie, so I included coconut oil and milk. The dates are the “binding agent”, but the cookie opens itself to one's own interpretation by combining the dates with one's preferred ingredients. The nuts can remain slightly chunky if that's preferable, and I think candied ginger might also be a good addition. I read somewhere about a South African version that has chunks of a rich tea biscuit called Marie after the basic mixture comes out of the processor, so that when the bars are cut, there's a nice slightly crunchy layer. 
Unbaked snacks make life easier
I don't have a proper recipe for these date-almond-coconut nuggets – I don't think it's really necessary. I simply placed ingredients in a food processor, whizzed them around and added the liquids and dates as I saw fit from the texture of the mixture.
First into the machine went almond meal, dessicated coconut (I don't know... maybe a cup of each) and a large pinch of salt. And then I added a small amount of coconut oil (about one tablespoon) because the smell is wonderful. To get the mixture to clump together a little, in went a little thick coconut milk (also about one tablespoon) – which also boosted the nutty flavour.
Once that was achieved, in went handfuls of pitted dried dates, pulsing as I went along. I must have put in a little more than a couple of handfuls. Once everything was combined and clumped together, the mixture was dumped into a 17cm square tin lined with baking paper, compressed with the palm of my hand, scored with a metal spatula and put in the fridge. After 30 minutes, the bars were cut (I got two dozen) and separated. I must have eaten a whole row of them before they went into an air-tight container.

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